“🌹❤️ Baby, you can drive my car and maybe, I’ll love you 🌹❤️” : the awareness campaign on waste led by the IMEDD for the European Week for Waste Reduction

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) from the 16th to the 24th of November 2019 and to continue in the line initiated several years ago with the European Commission to raise people’s awareness on sustainable development issues and waste, the IMEDD will launch an awareness campaign on highly symptomatic waste in our societies.

The art of words and music will be two key elements for this initiative…

To make the issue of waste attractive, the IMEDD has chosen to add music to its awareness campaign with 🌹❤️ Baby, you can drive my car and maybe, I’ll love you 🌹❤️, a very famous song from the Beatles.
Rose, the Princess of the Environment plays this song on the piano, the djembe and she sings for Europe.
The idea is to encourage “the driving of the truck of the environment”, meaning in this context, participating in the reduction or the re-use of the waste 🙂

🌹❤️ Baby, you can drive my car and maybe, I’ll love you 🌹❤️ will be released by the IMEDD on social media. This will feed the guideline set by the Steering Committee of the European Week For Waste Reduction composed of the following organizations: ACR + (International), ADEME (France), AICA (Italy), ARC (Spain), Brussels Environment (Belgium), European Commission (EC), European Committee of the Regions (EU), EMWR (Ireland), Lipor (Portugal), North London Waste Authority (United Kingdom), VKU (Germany), WasteServ (Malta).

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The IMEDD is an independent institute of research, information and communication specialized in environment and sustainable development intervening globally. In addition to the European Week for Waste Reduction, IMEDD regularly organizes awareness campaigns or events related to environment and sustainable development: International Day of Forests, World Water Day, World Oceans Day, Sustainable Development Week and European Sustainable Mobility Week (one of the IMEDD’s projects, LIM – Ladies in Mobility has been recognized Best Practice for the E.U Smart Cities in 2016 by the European Commission).