Business sustainability: On which aspects do we focus?

Business sustainability: a key component of development

Sustainability in business is the ability to maintain or improve a company’s economic, social and environmental performance over the long term. The concept of sustainability has been around for centuries, but it has only been in recent years that businesses have begun to focus on it as a key component of their operations. 

Development based on a Triple Bottom Line 

In order to achieve sustainability in businesses, we need to focus on three key aspects: economic, social and environmental. 

Implementing sustainable practices

Achieving sustainability in businesses can be difficult because it requires a change in mindset and a focus on long-term goals. However, there are many resources available to help companies make the switch.
For example, a Sustainability Hub is an online resource that offers case studies, articles and tools to help businesses implement sustainable practices. A sustainability hub also brings together all aspects of sustainability into one place so that they can be managed effectively. It provides a framework for sustainability management. 

Economic development

Economic sustainability refers to the ability of a business to generate profits while maintaining financial stability. 

Social development

Social sustainability refers to the ability of a business to respect the rights and needs of workers, customers, and communities. This includes ensuring safe working conditions, providing fair wages, integrating diversity and engaging in responsible marketing practices. 

Environmental development

Environmental sustainability refers to the ability of a business to protect and conserve natural resources. This includes reducing energy consumption, using recycled materials, reorganizing transportation systems, saving water and reducing waste.

Sustainability management becomes more important as more companies are seeking certification like the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems. This standard helps businesses manage their environmental impact and set goals for improvement. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The most common framework is the Triple Bottom Line, which considers economic, social and environmental performance. Other frameworks include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on sustainable development worldwide, and the Balanced Scorecard, which focuses on financial, operational, customer and learning/growth objectives.
A sustainability framework sets out the goals and objectives for a business with regards to sustainability. It provides guidance on how these goals can be achieved and helps ensure that each aspect of sustainability is considered.

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