Citymapper, the Monaco app for sustainable mobility


This article is dedicated to the foreign people in Monaco and the people from abroad who come to work or visit Monaco. It’s about sustainable transports.

For many years, the Principality of Monaco has been committed to sustainable mobility, with many public transport services and electric or hybrid vehicles. In parallel, Monaco is also involved in the use of digital tools to meet the challenges of the Smart City, on the issue of transports to enable “a well-informed sustainable mobility for all”.

Georges Gambarini, the manager of the Smart City program for the Princely Government, was interviewed by Radio Monaco, to present “The Monaco plan  for a digital sustainable mobility”.

The app Citymapper must be downloaded: .
On this app Citymapper Monaco, we find the schedules of the buses, the trains SNCF (France, Monaco and until Ventimiglia in Italy), the tramway in Nice. All information is displayed in real time.
We can also find the MonaBike, the Monaco public service for ebike sharing, the bus-boat and soon the Thello.

Here is the interview in French on Radio Monaco: