Covid19- Italy reaches 2500 new cases per day

Italy needs to remain focused on its efforts to beat covid19.
Tonight, we reached the 2500 new cases per day, which means that the virus widely circulates in the country.
The Italians are asked to wear their face masks indoor and outdoor and do the safety measures to flatten the curve. Indeed, in the past three days, Italy had an increase of 500 cases per day, which is quite a lot, which means that the risk of catching covid19 increases for everyone.
The schools also should give total transparency about the children infected in class, so the parents can better protect their children and keep them at home in case of risk. If the situation goes on this way in the upcoming days, the best will be to implement the online school in the country.
No risk can be taken with the children.

Also, the land borders such as the one between Ventimiglia and Menton should also be better controlled by the Italian Army. There were announcements of controls at the borders in the past week, but the reality of facts shows that people can freely enter in Italy when coming from France if they stay less than 36 hours.

In order to maintain public safety and flatten the curve of covid19, the Italian public authorities must apply with strenght what they say.