“Dream big”: the film that raises people’s awareness about sustainable mobility in smart cities

As part as its commitments with the UNSDG18-D – Sustainable Mobility and the European Commission, from September 16 to 22, 2020, and in the framework of the concerns regarding covid19, the IMEDD, research institute specialized in sustainable development, participates in the European Mobility Week.

On this occasion, the IMEDD releases its awareness film on sustainable mobility in smart cities, called “Dream Big”.
In this film, the goal is to raise people’s awareness about air pollution and its impacts on health, while promoting good initiatives for sustainable mobility which allows to low carbon emissions.

At world scale, we have on earth a worst silent killer than covid19. It’s air pollution. Each year, this killer takes the lives of 9 million people in the world with cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases. The second smallest land on earth, the Principality of Monaco takes this affair very seriously and has been committed for years to implement sustainable mobility, with the goal of becoming the first Smart Nation on earth by being the first CO2 neutral country by the year 2050. Rose, the Princess of the Environment, a leading voice for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Commission tells us the whole story, while she shares her soft music on her piano. Her words for people on earth are “Dream Big!”.

Below is the IMEDD’s awareness film “Dream Big” released during the European Mobility Week 2020.

For “Dream Big”, the drawings were made by Virginie Lelarge, founder of the IMEDD. The character of Rose the Princess of the Environment was designed by Belma Art and the music was composed by Rose, the Princess of the Environment (music available on Bandcamp).