European Mobility Week to raise people’s awareness about sustainable mobility

As part as its commitments with the UNSDG18-D – Sustainable Mobility and the European Commission, from September 16 to 22, 2020, and in the framework of the concerns regarding covid19, the IMEDD, research institute specialized in sustainable development, participates in the European Mobility Week and commits in organizing different online events:

🇪🇺 The IMEDD releases its awareness film on sustainable mobility in smart cities, called “Dream Big”.
In this film, the goal is to raise people’s awareness about air pollution and its impacts on health, while promoting good initiatives for sustainable mobility.

« Dream big »: the film that raises people’s awareness about sustainable mobility in smart cities

🇪🇺  The IMEDD will focus on a success story and present how the second smallest country on earth, Monaco, has become a Leading Nation in Europe and in the world to commit to sustainable mobility on the request of its Head of State, Prince Albert II of Monaco.

🇪🇺 The IMEDD will talk about different initiatives led by some European Cities to raise people’s awareness in order to empower them to live in a low carbon economy with transports.

🇪🇺 As part of its commitments for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the IMEDD will share the European Mobility Week initiatives with the United Nations.

🇪🇺 As part of its commitments to sustainable development and to strengthen the relationship between America and Europe, the IMEDD will share some information about the commitments to sustainable mobility of the U.S Army based in Europe and how the military organization tries to impulse change, thanks to electric mobility.