European Week for the Reduction of Waste: The IMEDD makes a focus on certain waste

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is an opportunity to highlight some of our world society’s waste related to our behaviors, lifestyles or consumption.

In its awareness campaign on waste “🌹❤️ Baby, you can drive my car and maybe, I’ll love you 🌹❤️”, the IMEDD will focus on eight kinds of waste:

  • The organic waste (from food)
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Cans and tins
  • Cardboard
  • Green waste (the plants and vegetation)
  • Wood
  • Butts

With this awareness campaign, the IMEDD wishes to focus the people’s attention on the following points:

  1. Our today’s behaviors with our purchases create a lot of waste, which are brought back into the houses and the offices. The first good behavior is to limit the waste that comes from the outside and organize differently.
  2. A second way to limit our waste is to choose some good quality products made of natural or recyclable materials.
  3. A third way to reduce our waste is to practice the “do it yourself” rather than buy “everything done”.
  4. The reuse, the transformation or the donation to other people or organizations are also opportunities to limit our waste, to have a longer cycle of life for the products and also practice solidarity actions.
  5. The environment is common to all: therefore, education, good manners, respect and civic behaviors are also very important to contribute to the reduction and the good management of waste.

Focus on the butts

“A butt thrown to the ground ends its life in a river or in the sea”.
The idea here is not to stigmatize or make the smokers feel guilty; it is to help people think about how we can all help change the world society.
When a butt is thrown to the ground, if it is not picked up, it will end up in a manhole, carried by rainwater that can flow into a river or the sea, meaning that the butts thrown can end up in the waters.
It’s about helping a change of behavior: the awareness of the impact of a butt.
Putting the butts in a public trash or in a pocket ashtray must become a reflex. This topic of the butts is a bit like dogs excrements. Before, no one cared whereas today, everyone picks up, or almost everybody. This is the same situation for the butts. Before, nobody cared, today, we care and we pick up.

The usefulness of recycling

The photo below is an example of recycling.
Raw-materials can be reused, which induces a circular economy around the raw-materials and the waste (the place of collection of the raw-materials). The world of the raw-materials is, in fact, a fascinating world that we must discover to build a responsible sustainable development.