Global presentation of the UNSDG18-I Research “Rescue for future” led by the IMEDD

For years, the city of Ventimiglia in Italy, and more generally the Valleys of the Roya and the Nervia rivers, have been regularly at risk of floods due to the special territory situated between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, some very big floods occurred in the last months of 2019 that caused two tsunamis of woods, many issues for different kinds of people, and the death of living-beings who lived along the shore. These floods have been recurrent for many years, as no real global environmental and social management of the area could be undertaken before for some mysterious reasons.

Indeed, the IMEDD was in the border city during the terrible floods of 2019 and had the occasion to study the severe consequences of the environmental event, the management of the crisis and the awful content of the risks. Considering the high risks of floods, that will increase in future, due to the planned effects of climate change, with more storms, more torrential rains, sea elevation, etc…, the IMEDD has undertaken for several months a wide research on the territory of the Roya and Nervia Rivers, which is dedicated to several countries and their decision leaders. The goal is to help the local/regional managers with a research that they can share with their governments to make the country leaders very aware of the terrible situation and the numerous risks for future, so they can take the good decisions to help save this territory.

As strange as it may seem, for many reasons that will be detailed in the research with concrete proofs, official statistics from the governments, Europe, the United Nations or international reliable NGOs, environmental data, mappings, international reports, official documentaries, testimonies from trustable sources…, the IMEDD has been able to trace the whole situation (the chain of facts and consequences) and is now able to provide a global overview of the issues and of all the different organizations concerned in order to propose some solutions to help solve these issues. Indeed, for this research, the IMEDD is the sustainable development watcher, researcher and alerter of the region.

This research, undertaken in a strategic international context, will be unveiled with several videos that will present many topics: geopolitics, economy, social, environment, safety, security and defense. This research is part of the UNSDG18-I that consists in helping the countries in need, for a rescue for future.

The IMEDD already informs the concerned public organizations that the heavy situation of the territory overpasses everybody, that some strong decisions will need to be urgently taken and that a collaborative assistance will have to be given at the international scale for the territory of both the Roya and the Nervia Rivers.

The IMEDD, as a neutral and independent organization specialized in sustainable development, assists the solving of the situation as an extra, neutral and independent power to bring transparency, clarity and visibility, in order to make act the ones in charge (the public leaders and the decisions makers), to deeply investigate, publically report of the situation and take the right decisions for future regarding the facts.

Three countries are concerned by the research due to their location: Italy, France (due to their sharing of the border) and Monaco (due to its collaborative presence in Ventimiglia with the management of the Port, situated very close to the Roya River). Apart from those countries, two international organizations are concerned: the European Commission and the United Nations.

This research enters in the following fields of actions: strategic planning, sustainable development, human rights, territory security and defense. Indeed, the region studied being situated at the border of two major European Countries (France and Italy), is considered as a strategic position and is a component of a wider system, sadly influenced by at least 60 years of very heavy regional tensions in the Mediterranean Sea and tensions of the History that have been lasting for centuries. Indeed, it would make non-sense to study this area without its surroundings that are globally the causes of the today’s issues in the region.

The truth is that if a sustainable development is announced by the public organizations, the solving of the situation can’t certainly not be undertaken only locally with a sustainable development but also at international scale, as the region is highly impacted by some world and Mediterranean decisions that brought and still bring many troubles and constraints to the territory, its economy, the people and the environment.