Global Solutions Summit: the world policy forum – May 27th-28th

The high-level event will take place on May 27th-28th. It will include 50 in-depth sessions with more than 150 expert speakers from science, economics, civil society, business and politics, including UN Secretary-General António Guterres, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and G20 President Mario Draghi.

World leaders, top academics and business leaders are to debate fundamental ways the world must change to boost societal well-being in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic at this week’s Global Solutions Summit, which generates policy recommendations for G20 decision-makers.

Italian Prime Minister and current G20 President Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN Secretary-General António Guterres are among the 150 speakers set to discuss the event’s theme of the “Great Realignment” in areas such as governance, economy and technology.
Covid-19 has served as another “forceful wakeup call” on the urgency of “recoupling” economic progress with social and environmental prosperity, according to Global Solutions Initiative President Dennis Snower. He said in a framing session ahead of the Summit that “the pandemic has exacerbated inequalities and uncertainty and comes on top of a mounting threat of climate change, nuclear proliferation, populism and an unsustainable digital realm”.
“We should not think in terms of building back” Snower said. “We need to arrange our affairs to enable us to start a new future, a new paradigm, that enables us to have a prosperous economy, a thriving society and a sustainable environment all at the same time.”

The Global Solutions Summit is an “extraordinary opportunity” to bring the global community together to “be specific about who needs to do what in order for that change to be facilitated,” according to Colm Kelly, global purpose, policy and corporate responsibility leader at PwC.
Kelly highlighted the need for businesses to redefine their purpose and focus on making “a profit as a consequence of delivering positive outcomes for the planet and for people.”

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