Green Love For Future 2020 – Light your monuments in green for the earth (UNSDG18A)


History of “Green Love For Future”

Launched in Ventimiglia (Italy) in November 2019 and worldly announced in Monaco in December 2019, as part of the IMEDD’s DDAY FOR THE EARTH for the United Nations, during COP25 in Madrid and the NATO reception at Buckingham Palace in London, “Green Love for Future” is a global initiative led in the framework of the United Nations, to empower the countries to light their national monuments in green to show their commitments for a better environmental preservation, sustainable development and their will to be a Smart Nation.

The tradition of the empowering event “Green Love for Future” is that Ventimiglia is always the first to light its medieval city in green, followed by Monaco and the United Kingdom. Then, other countries join the green show for the earth and light their monuments in green.

Below are the photos of the 2019 edition of “Green Love for Future”

Ventimiglia (Italy), Monaco and London lit their monuments in green in 2019.

France, Canada and Italy lit their monuments in green in 2019.

The United States of America lit the White House in blue in 2019 as Mr President wished to show the support of America to preserve the oceans.

Goal of the UNSDG18-A: “Green Love For Future”

The initiative “Green Love for Future” is the UNSDG18-A, the first launched during the D-Day for the earth in 2019, following the goals to empower the countries to act as Smart Nations, implementing a sustainable development based on a fair economy, a social well-being and an environmental preservation of their territories, in order to create a better world for the future generations.

The UNSDG18-A proposes the date of December 4 so the countries can light their national monuments in green, the reality being that the green light show starts in the second part of November in Ventimiglia and ends on December 18, the goal being to give time to the countries to organize the lighting of their monuments.

This moment of the year finally follows the goal to recall to each country the D-Day for the Earth led in Monaco in 2019, recall the global commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and thank the World Environmental Community for its commitments to federate worldwide to take force and create a better future.

2020 is the second edition of “Green Love For Future”

The second edition in 2020 of “Green Love for Future” follows the goal to consolidate the D-Day for the Earth. It is also the occasion to re-empower the countries to show support for the environmental preservation.

21st of November 2020
Ventimiglia in Italy launched the world show 2020 and lit the city in green.

27th of November 2020
Monaco entered the yearly green show 2020 when the Monaco Oceanographic Museum was lit in green.

27th of November 2020
The United Kingdom joins the 2020 green show for the earth with London and Tower Bridge in Green

27th of November 2020
Italy joins the 2020 green show for the earth with the city of Genoa in Liguria which lit Piazza Ferrari in green and blue.

4th of December 2020
The United States has joined the green show “Green Love for Future 2020” lighting the White House in green.

13th of December 2020
France has lit the church of Sainte Mère l’Eglise and joins the initiative “Green Love for Future 2020”

The poster 2020 of “Green Love For Future”

“Green Love For Future” is a global advocacy initiative for the countries to show their commitments to the environmental preservation.
Nothing is better than demonstrating our love for the magic of the environment than showing the natural elements, which is the goal of the poster 2020 of the UNSDG18-A: Green Love For Future.

This poster shows:

  • the green lights with a magnificient aurora borealis,
  • the ice which recalls the melting ice and the fight against climate change,
  • the blue for the preservation of the seas and oceans,
  • the polar bear which represents the biodiversity’s protection,
  • the stars in the sky which show the light which leads to the path of the environmental preservation.

How can the countries participate in “Green Love for future”?

Nothing is more simple. The countries willing to participate in “Green Love For Future” need to light one of their national monument in green between November 21 and December 18, 2020, publish the photo on their social media, tag the IMEDD on Facebook at @IMEDDResarch and use the hashtag #greenloveforfuture, still on Facebook.