How investing in sustainability can drive growth in business?

Thinking “business strategy”

The key to unlocking the growth potential of sustainability is to view it not just as an environmental or social responsibility, but as a business strategy.
Investments in sustainability can improve:

  • organizational efficiency,
  • reduce costs,
  • create new products and services,
  • open new markets,

Sustainability makes a business grow

Investing in sustainability can help businesses grow in a number of ways.
For one, sustainable practices can make companies save money mostly by reducing waste, energy consumption and transportation.
As sustainable practices become more common, businesses that don’t adopt them risk a loss of competitiveness. 

Sustainability also makes “good business sense” from a risk management perspective.
By reducing their environmental impacts, companies are able to decrease their exposure to potential risks such as natural disasters, crisis, regulatory changes, etc.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly interested in buying products from companies that care about the environment.

Creating a more sustainable future

Ultimately, investing in sustainability is about creating a more sustainable future – for our planet and for our economy.
There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that businesses who invest in sustainability and go green can see significant growth in their bottom line. 

Sustainable business practices have positive effects on the environment, employees, and shareholders. 

  • Employees prefer to work for sustainable companies because they feel good about what they are doing and it often leads to job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. 
  • Sustainable businesses also tend to be more innovative, which can lead to new products and services that can drive growth. 
  • In addition, shareholders appreciate companies that are environmentally responsible because it often leads to lower risks and improved stock value.

Everybody has a role to play

Finally, both the public and private sectors have a critical role to play in accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy. 

Indeed, there are many opportunities for businesses to invest in sustainability and achieve both environmental and economic benefits. 

Green growth is the pathway to achieving sustainable development while driving economic growth.
Many companies are already benefiting from investments in sustainability, experiencing increased profits and reduced costs.

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