IMEDD involved in the Youth Debate about Climate Change

As IMEDD is involved at international for information and communication about environment and sustainable development on social media, it gives the opportunity to open on-line debates and researches through comments or conversations about the Information about the effects of Climate Change on people.

For several months now, IMEDD has been contacted by some parents. They hear what the International Community says and predicts about the effects of climate change. Many are aware and when they see how things go at world level, they fear for the future of their children.

Indeed, the environmental crisis enters in a new phase, a fear crisis.
A research published by Caroline Hickman from the Climate Psychology Alliance tends to underline an increasing number of children and young adults who suffer from ecological anxiety due to the fact that they see no future for the earth.

IMEDD was also involved in a Youth Debate in marge of the initiatives led by Greta Thunberg and many young teenagers and adults declare that they don’t want to have a child considering the predictions for future.

For IMEDD, this is exactly the result of an unmastered communication about Climate Change. We see it in many other fields too.
As a research and communication institute specialized in environmental education at International, IMEDD feels that the moment has come to address things differently. Indeed, if fighting about climate change is about stopping our own reproduction as humans, it is sure that we will disappear! We can’t think this way and we need to go much further to understand the why.

First point, we need to understand that Science has a very short life. It means that globally, apart from certain special researches made in the past, the story of science is short. On the contrary, its progresses are huge. If we compare that in the time of the beginnings of the Oceanography, we needed to go on all the seas and now we can investigate with the satellites from an office on land. The evolution is huge.
In the past 30 years, the international knowledge in Science has grown a lot. It means that we discover more things, learn more, understand what happens and can predict what may happen.

IMEDD means that the sum of the new information and communication is the cause that provokes the ecological anxiety.
It’s normal, it’s a state of shock in mind for many people regarding what is said about Climate Change, and it will lead very soon to a state of bright awareness. Then, the awareness will lead to education and action.

Second point, us, the International Community of Environment, we have been knowing the information about the effects of climate change for many years now, and considering what is predicted for future, we have no other choice than communicating more and raising our voices.

The Why??? Let’s speak truely.
Many people, organizations, governements all around the world are not enough aware and don’t put the right responses to face the effects of climate change. The measures and the change have to be big and the world has a too small global vision. The International Community of Environment shouts so the decision-makers move their positions and do actions in the right way.

When we are in a period of time of big international events like we have nowadays with all the international organizations, many information will be sent to people, we all concentrate our researches, projects releases, declarations in the same period. The goal is to take force, to evolve in a dynamic and in a consensus network to do our pledge for the earth.

Everybody needs to understand also the differences between the following fields and their goals…

  • Science/Research: we study a phenomenom using a scientific method, deliver results and try to predict future with several scenarios.
  • Science information: we inform people about the results of the research. It’s generally a public information addressed to media, communicants, research organizations, foundations…
  • Media information: we report official information to people, we do investigations on certain topics…
  • Communication: we explain, present and promote a project or a research.
  • Education: we teach on two things: science or knowledge and practical.
  • Awareness: we raise people’s awareness, it’s raising the voice of the public opinion.

Considering the discipline listed above, everybody understands that the “spoken tone” is not the same, that through the process of information, we have a big vulgarization and loss of information.
Today, in our modern society, everybody talks about everything and has an opinion. On social media, we see things, we see the fears of the people, their hopes… All this is not science, research, media, information, communication, education or awareness… It’s people feelings and they have nothing to see with the facts, it’s an interpretation of potential facts made by the mind.

IMEDD thinks that it is important to underline this topic of “ecological anxiety on population” and calls the International Community of Environment to think maybe, about a more adapted way of informing and communicating. As an example, a mother of a baby contacted IMEDD to say that “her son would have no future and that he would be dead in 12 years, as she read somewhere that the Climate Change would be irreversible in 12 years if we do nothing”.

Considering the fear of this woman and of the youth, IMEDD, as a neutral research institute, encourages all the world organizations about environment to address their messages in a very clear way, with compassion, explainations and human contact. The world population needs to be accompagnied for the transition which is happening, because there are some solutions to fight against climate change. Some already exists and work. Some are still at the state of engineering research with promising results in the upcoming years.

  • Today, we shout because we need the governments and the big ones to act a lot more.
  • Today, we search and imagine the solutions that we will use in the upcoming years to respond to the effects we plan.
  • Today, we share to let people know that it’s a common future and that unity is important to succeed.
  • Today, we educate the children so they can face their own issues.
  • Today, we do the best we can with what we have.

Yes! there is hope in future, though we face the climate change.
We need more and more innovative people to impulse change.
The world line is: environment and sustainable development.
There is a plan: The UN Sustainable Development Goals For the Millenium.
IMEDD will show you the plan.

There is a tomorrow.
Tell the children that they need to commit to environment from now and in their future, build their education in this way, teach them the values of the earth, show them how to change things, make it happen.

  • Education is the biggest weapon we have for our future.
  • A child who knows is able to prepare his future.
  • Make the children learn so they grow.

IMEDD has many years of experiences with Children’s education and developped several tools to help the children learn about the environment.

IMEDD’s education tool to educate children to their future.

IMEDD was nominated “Best European Smart City Practice” in 2016 by the European Commission.

IMEDD created the character of Rose, The Princess of The Environment, to help children and people love the earth

IMEDD created the story of the Blue Fish to make the Children discover Oceanography

IMEDD created a song for children called: The Blue Fish Song

IMEDD will propose soon the Tale of the Earth – Rose, The Princess of The Environment