Information & Communication strategy

  • Information & Communication strategy

    Be a strategist to be efficient

    Providing good information and communication helps your business build trust with its audience (potential clients and clients).
    However, creating information and communication tools can be time consuming and not as effecient as it would be wished. Therefore, defining a strategy on a long run is a key point to performance. With our years of experience in information and communication, our team can help your business become a strategist and be efficient.

    We will help you:

    • define the objectives,
    • identify the target audience,
    • establish the communication proposition (selling your product, strengthening your brand awareness, providing information...),
    • draft a call for action,
    • decide and organize how to share the message,
    • determine the publish frequency,
    • measure the return on investment (using the KPI).

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  • Communication plan

    Our good plan for your business

    The communication of your business needs to be efficient and reach your goals (brand awareness, products, services, promotion,...).
    Therefore, a plan of communication will help your business strategize and transform your ideas in actions so that you can reach your audience and trigger a call to action.

    We help you :

    • set the goals of your communication,
    • identify your audience,
    • plan and design your message of communication,
    • organize resources (network of skills in the field of communication),
    • create a strategy how your business will connect with the media,
    • identify opportunities of partnerships to help your business spread your message,
    • create an action plan,
    • schedule the actions of communication,
    • monitor your actions and adjust them if needed.

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  • Content writing

    Strategize your business' content writing

    Depending on your goals and whether you publish articles on your website, on a blog or on social media, strategizing your content writing is the key point.
    Writing cannot be improvised. Writing is the result of a structured vision formatted for a good understanding of the messages by your audience.

    You'll get well-researched and well-written content from our skilled writing staff. There will be NO Grammatical mistakes or Plagiarism, as all our work is done from scratch. We always meet deadlines, so you can be assured that you'll get your content on time. We've worked with clients from all around the world, including Ireland, France, Monaco, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and many other locations.

    What will you get?

    • we create a plan of content writing adapted to your audience,
    • we do a research on each article,
    • we write a structured and interesting content,
    • we provide keywords (for SEO),
    • we work in collaboration with your staff if some modifications are needed.

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Audio – Videos

  • Voice over

    This is your voice!

    A voice is very powerful to communicate with your audience and share your content.
    To reach the world, it is important to work with actors or actresses who truely and sincerely share your message so that you can build trust with your audience.
    Working with professionals actors is an opportunity for your business to achieve your goals and spread your messages all around the planet.

    What can we record?

    • Corporate information,
    • Commercials,
    • Technical information,
    • Audio guides,
    • Audio books,
    • Storytelling,
    • Voicemails
    • ...

    Native actors and actresses


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  • Interviews

    What if you interviewed your employees and clients?

    In the framework of your communication plan, the IMEDD can help you design a plan of interviews about your business or your sustainability plan.
    Share the story of your employees and clients with the world!

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  • Videos

    Share the story of your company and products!

    The IMEDD can help you create video content for your website or social media:

    • brand awareness
    • ethics of the company
    • products
    • sustainability
    • ...

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Social Media and graphic content

  • Social media

    Define your strategy on social media

    The IMEDD can help your company define, structure and organize your communication strategy on social media.

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  • Graphic design

    Strengthen your business' identity

    The IMEDD can help your communication campaigns with a graphic design that corresponds to your business' identity.

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