Monaco released the Social, Economic and Safety Official Plan for the management of the coronavirus crisis


Plan adopted by the Princely Government
in Phase 1 of the propagation of the coronavirus to prepare the Phases 2 and 3

The Government of the Principality of Monaco organized a video press conference on the 11th of March 2020 to present the content of the Social, Economic and Safety Plan for the management of the coronavirus crisis, whose goal is to accompagny the transition and ease this period for the population and the businesses. The measures implemented enter in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • The Monaco borders remain opened. The coronavirus is not in free circulation on the whole territory.
  • For the Monaco workforce who comes from Italy who need to cross the French and the Monaco borders: some controls are made at the border in Menton between France and Italy. The workforce (either French or Italian) who needs to cross this border need a work contract with Monaco or France.
  • No Monegasque, French and foreigners can enter in Italy, nor reach Ventimiglia at the border in Menton: some controls are made by the Italian border patrol.
    Here is all the information for the situation between Monaco, Menton and Ventimiglia to safely cross the border.


  • General concerns
    – Slowing the propagation of the virus thanks to the good prevention behaviors.
    – Crush the epidemic peak.
    – Protocoles to protect the workforce.
  • Organization of the tests for the coronavirus for the Monaco people
    – in Nice: 6-8 hours for the process (transport and analysis).
    – in Marseille: 20 hours for the process (transport and analysis).
    – Several tests are needed to confirm the positivity or not to the coronavirus.
  • Health infrastructures
    – The goal is to give priority to the hospitalization of the persons who need it the most.
    – When going to the hospital, the patients at risk of having the coronavirus are driven to a special part of the hospitals, in order to avoid the contamination in the hospital.
    – For the test, 2 cases:
    case 1: if negative, the patient stays at home and remains in contact with the health authorities.
    case 2: if positive, and if needed, the patients stays at the hospital or they can go home if their health state is good enough.
    – The Monaco Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital Center, is in support of the Hospital of Nice.
  • Pharmacies
    – They are authorized to prepare the hydroalcoholic gel.

The goal is to avoid the propagation of the coronavirus in all kinds of public transports.

  • Public transports (buses…)
    The transports services: The whole workforce of the public transport has been informed about the content of the prevention and safety measures. They have kits with disinfectant wipes, hydroalcoholic gels, rubbish bags… The public transports are disinfected twice a day (buttons, ramps, seats…).
    For the users of the public transports: their are informed in four languages, they have the information about the prevention and safety measures on the screens inside the transport.
  • Trains (Monaco-France-Italy)
    – Monaco is not the decision maker for the trains but France (SNCF).
    – The Thello train is suspended from the 10th of March 2020 to the 3rd of April.
    – SNCF Voyages maintains the trains to: Menton, Ventimiglia, Paris.
  • Air transport
    – Temperature taking with a face thermometer before the transport for the persons who come from the zones at risks mentioned on the website of the Princely Governement.
    – If the temperature is over 38°C, some special measures are taken depending on the case.
  • Sea transport
    – All cruise boats are forbidden in the ports and in the territorial waters.
    – The captain of a boat over 24 meters who needs to do an international sea trip needs an official certificate of declaration of good health, for the workforce and also the passagers.
    – The disembarking of the passengers, staff and captains on the national territory is due to an official authorization of the Prime Minister of the State.
    – When a person is ill, disembarking is forbidden. The CrossMed (Health Services from Toulon in France) must be informed and they implement special procedures on the boat with the support of the Maritime Police.
    – The Direction of the Maritime Affairs is in charge of the coordination of all the sea interventions and information.
  • The tourists buses
    – They are not welcomed during the period of the health crisis.
    – The visits should be postponed.
    – The tourists buses are controled at the buses stations at the border (Le Jardin Exotique in Monaco) and they are asked to go back to France.
  • Cars
    – No controls for the moment for the individual cars, but maybe in time.


  • All the events over 1000 persons are cancelled and postponed.
  • The events must be postponed or cancelled, especially if welcoming some participants from the zones at risk mentioned on the website of the Princely Governement).
  • The organizers are in charge of the decision.
  • Measures taken:
    – Limit the number of persons in the event.
    – Keep a distance of one meter between each person.
    – Congress (if maintained): measures of health prevention for the staff and participants and disinfection of the place.
    – The international organizations and businesses postpone their events not to put their workforce at risk.
    – All the events are postponed, not cancelled. The events could maybe be deffered for the second semester of the year (starting in June and in the fourth trimester, starting in october).

Hôtels and casinos (for the persons who come from the zones at risk mentioned on the website of the Princely Governement).

  • All the booking are postponed.
  • All the Health prevention measures are sent to the hôtels (masks).
  • They inform the public health authorities if ever they had an ill person.

Social support to the workforce (for the persons who come from the zones at risk mentioned on the website of the Princely Governement).

  • Health measures
    – The people concerned must contact the public authorities of the country and follow the protocole.
    – They must stay at home in quarantine with a medical certificate. They call the Health plateform to organize the procedure with a doctor.
    – The Monaco call center for the covid19: phone: 92-05-55-00 or mail :
  • Wage measures: National Solidarity
    – 50% of the wage during the period of quarantine is taken in charge by the Health Care Public Insurance (Caisses Sociales in Monaco).
    – 50% are taken in charge by the National Social Fund of the country (Fonds Social in Monaco).
    – On the day of the 10th of March 2020, 445 persons are concerned in Monaco by this measure: 409 people from the private sector, 71 people from the public sector, 7 people who are independent workers.
  • Exclusion of the Wage from the National Social Fund (National Solidarity)
    – If ever some persons travelled for personal matters in countries in the zones at risk mentioned on the website of the Princely Governement)the National Social Fund wouldn’t be given.

Governmental support to the businesses during the coronavirus crisis: all the sectors of activities are concerned

  • Cooperation and empowerment
    – Cooperation with the businesses to organize the adaptation to the coronavirus crisis.
    – Informing the businesses and workforce about the Health Prevention Measures.
    – All the payments for social taxes are delayed to facilitate the cash flow of the businesses.
  • Suspension of the professional relationships (co-financed by the Government)
    Two cases:
    a) if the turnover drops too much, the dismissal is possible
    b) is preferred: temporary total unemployment. Two cases are proposed:
    case 1: The employee doesn’t come to work during the time of the crisis until the day the business is able to employ him/her again. The employee gets 70% of his/her wage. The government gives 7.40 euros by hour worked to the businesses to help them compensate the wage.
    case 2: The employee goes in a reduction of time of work (80%, 50%, 20% depending on the situation). The employee gets 70% of his/her wage. The government gives 7.40 euros by hour worked to the businesses to help them compensate the wage.

    => The Inspection of the Labor Force of the country helps the businesses implement these measures when needed. The organization is flexible and adapted to each case.
  • The holidays and days off
    – They can be used if wanted during this period of coronavirus crisis, though on a voluntarily basis.
    – The wage is maintained.
    – This measure can only last until the legal number of days that remain, are taken.

Plan of continuity of the activities

  • Some workforce are needed for the continuity of some public and private services of the country.
  • In both private and public sectors, several teams must be planned for each job: need of replacement, substitution or obligation of presence.
  • The essential workforce in all the sectors of activities concerned must get ready before the entrance in Phase 2 of the propagation of the coronavirus.
  • The Government and the public organizations ensure the continuity of the state adopting the same measures of planification for replacement, substitution or obligation of presence of their workforce.

Focus on some sectors of activities

  • Tourism and events
    – Postpone all the events for the second semester of the year (starting in June and in the fourth trimester, starting in october 2020).
    – Study of the impacts and see how to smooth them on the whole year of 2020
    – The public response is adapted to each activity and the measures are deployed in time.
  • Banks and accounting experts 
    – They help the businesses adapt and overpass the coronavirus crisis.
    – They support the economic activities
    – They get ready to act after the Governement financial support.

A special platform for the businesses

  • Providing a Governemental contact for the businesses
    – On-Line Governemental Website to inform the businesses and respond to their questions regarding the management of the crisis. The website will be accessible soon from this address:
    – Governemental Call Center: the Monaco number is 98 98 98 99
    – An email for the businesses to contact the Government:
  • Activation of a special commission
    – This commission had already been used in 2008 during the crisis. Its goal is to study the businesses at high economic risks and coordinate the support of the accounting experts, Social System…).
    – This commission acts on mid and long term, studying the causes, provides a diagnosis, proposes a remedial plan and provides an adapted response to each case.

This Social, Economic and Safety Plan aims to limit the effects of the coronavirus inside the country and explains the measures implemented by the Government of the Principality of Monaco.
The Monaco’s Prime Minister, Serge Teille, explained, during the video press conference, that this social, economic and safety arsenal aims to organize the management of the coronavirus and limit the impacts of this crisis that touches everyone, in a different way.  The Monaco’s Prime Minister also expressed his sincere gratitude to the population, the employees, the businesses and the public agents for their mobilization, their exemplarity, their capacity of reaction to the measures, encouraging them all to take action and fully assume their Corporate and Social Responsibility to ensure a continuity of the state and the activities in a framework of sustainable development.

The official video press conference from AMP Monaco is available in French here.

Conference de presse #Coronavirus au Ministère d'Etat #Monaco

Publiée par Amp Monaco sur Mercredi 11 mars 2020



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