The Europeans countries of the Orange and Yellow zones are asked to take action and present their plan to resist to the coronavirus crisis

On the 13th of March 2020, the situation of the contamination in Europe is blooming. Common decisions must be taken in the upcoming days to lockdown each country of Europe and the whole Europe, using the travel bans, the “I stay at home initiatives (telework and online school)”, using the health behaviors, organizing the slowing of the economy and the social assistance for the people.

Many countries have already released their Social, Economic and Safety Plan.
The Principality of Monaco was the first to release it on the 11th of March. Monaco has at this stage only 2 cases of coronavirus, so the Princely Government had the time to anticipate the crisis, in the early phase 1 of the propagation of the virus.
For the countries that need information, the Monaco Social, Economic and Safety Plan is available here, the goal being to share experiences to overpass this crisis as fast as possible, bringing support to the people and the businesses.

It must be understood by all the countries that the fastest the Social, Economic and Safety Plan is put into action (in phase 1), the safest the situation will be for all.

Below the situation of the countries…

The countries in RED ZONE  should now implement the lockdown and the Social, Economic and Safety Plan, in the same kind of framework as proposed by the Principality of Monaco, the goal being to coordinate the world public response to the crisis.

For the countries in ORANGE – YELLOW ZONES and ESPECIALLY THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, the lockdown must be implemented by the beginning of next week at maximum and the Social, Economic and Safety Plan must be published in the upcoming days too. Europe needs to act as one land and one people. It doesn’t make sense to leave the countries opened without protecting the population when the neighbours are in lockdown. The more this health crisis will be shared and managed globally, the more the European states and the countries of the world’s response will be efficient.

It has to be said that Ireland, Poland and Norway took early measures for the outbreak, such as the United Kingdom. They prepare to the increase of the coronavirus propagation.

For the other countries of the world, that are still in an early stage of the contamination.
This is for them the good moment to take action, thinking now about what their Social, Economic and Safety Plan will be. It has to be understood that the sooner this plan is published, the easier it is for all to have clarity and act in order to master the propagation of the epidemy.

The first concerned are the European countries, so they can join the European Health Strategy.
Each country of the world that has today over 50 cases, should start working very fast to spread the information to the population.

The social media are the best, especially Facebook. Everybody is on Facebook.
The United Nations, the WHO and the countries should then ask Mark Zuckerberg to help spread the information about the health and safety measures. This crisis is the right moment for Facebook to demonstrate its capacity of response in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility for the world and how this social media can serve the world society by connecting people.

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