The IMEDD asks the countries to specify the process for the bodies – covid19

In this crisis of coronavirus, a very important step hasn’t been openly discussed at International: the question of the dead bodies. With more than 3000 deads in China, 2500 deads in Italy and 1000 in Iran, the measures regarding the treatment of the bodies after death should now be shared.

China and Iran have already explained the way they do…

It seems that when the death infrastructures are saturated, the people are buried in mass graves:

  • A few photos and videos from China were shared with the media showing mass graves in which the bodies were placed one beside another.
  • In Iran, the satellites investigations detected several mass graves.

Maxar Technologies – Iran – Mass Graves

This method of common burial in mass graves is the one used when having a too big amount of deads in a short period of time that can’t be absorbed in the death traditional structures. The mass graves were commonly used during the plague and the wars.

The mass graves are used in those cases because the bodies can’t be kept in open air. It’s not possible to dig individual graves and have a coffin for all. The crematory structures are not dimensioned to receive such a big amount of bodies. This is why the mass graves are used, especially when it concerns disease.

The management of the bodies in the early time of the crisis…
Considering the countries and as long as the number of deads is low, it remains possible to use the traditional ways of individual burials or cremation. Though, when passing a certain number of deads (that the countries need to specify regarding each national capacity of their infrastructures in treatment of bodies), the traditional methods of burial/cremation don’t respond to the sanitary needs, as we face “a mass death”, meaning that the mass graves need to be used.

Some researches have shown that even put in mass graves, the coronavirus doesn’t disappear by itself. This mean that the dead bodies can’t be put like this in the ground without serious precautions. They need to be covered by a product that ensures the destruction of the bodies and the virus (covering the bodies with lime).

Request for the methods of the countries

Considering the emergency of this crisis and the advancement of Italy in its number of deaths, it is now the right moment for the countries to start thinking and informing on their burial or cremation processes.
It has already been said, in the framework of the lockdown laws, that all the events of funerals are cancelled, meaning that nobody, who will lose somebody in his/her surroundings, will be allowed to organize a funeral ceremony.

The IMEDD calls the attention of the countries on the mental health of the populations…
This step of the coronavirus crisis will be a “mass shock” for the population and it will have many psychological effects (we can expect the same reactions and effects as the ones we had with the concentration camps during the WW2, with an unprepared population to face such an atrocity).

The IMEDD invites the countries:

  • to specify what will happen when mass deaths happen
  • to clarify the process for the dead bodies (depending on the steps: traditional or mass)
  • to be very helpful and loving considering the state of shock for the populations
  • to federate the religious organizations that will need to help the people (church online, assistance for people)
  • to federate all the psychologists and psychatrists to help the people pass this terrible step (help online, by phone: nights and days)
  • to federate the medical and first aid sector (some people will react very badly, some could commit suicide, some could become totally mad and harm the other people…). The people will need an every minute assistance to overpass the shock in head.
  • to ensure the safety and security around the process for the dead bodies (no access to the people, places controlled by the Army or Police)
  • to ensure the traceability of the people in mass graves so online events of rememberance can be organized
  • to make regular online and TV state rememberance ceremonies with an accompagnying message from the Heads of States (example: for France, it could be at the Elysée, by the President, with the flag: the goal being to honor the memories of the deads in a state ceremony, it would help the people, they would feel less alone).

Our modern populations are not prepared at all to live such a horrible scenario and that’s understandable.
The countries must do everything to accompagny the psychological effects of this terrible step of the crisis.
This step is the most fondamental of all, helping the people in this upcoming moment of pain.
This help will condition the future of the people who will survy. The more the people in pain will be helped, the more the countries give themselves chances to overpass this terrible moment of modern history.
The solidarity between the people who remain is the most important.
The line given to the people is “don’t leave anyone in pain behind: nor a man, a woman or a child”.
Giving and receiving love and support will be needed for everybody (online).

The IMEDD invites the population to take the measure of future

This coronavirus crisis is not a film people watch on TV or Facebook.
We are not in Hollywood but in REAL LIFE.
The IMEDD is so sorry to say it, but the countries and the people are about to face a very dark future that will break the heart of all.
This moment of time (March 18th, 2020) is the dawn of this terrible future.
The process will certainly be clarified by the countries very soon.

What to tell you people as a research institute…

This is the worst that can happen.
There will be no other choice whenever it happens.
It will be terrible, so painful, so hard to overpass.
Hear the information. Know it will be this way.
Place it somewhere in your brain and continue to live.
The most important of all for you is to stay at home and do everything you can to avoid the coronavirus.
Love and faith will help and guide us all.
No other words can tell this big pain inside but “Rain and tears”.

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