From the 2nd to the 13th of December, the IMEDD will report information and communicate about the COP25 regarding the upcoming debates of the world leaders of the countries on climate change, environment and sustainable development.
The goal of the IMEDD is to bring closer the information from the COP25 to the people and the organizations, so they have a better understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and what to do at global, as we are all concerned.
The IMEDD will also focus on three countries, its main countries of actions, #Monaco#France and #Italy (as those three countries are related by a common history and destiny).
The IMEDD will also pay much attention to the commitments of the #UnitedStatesOfAmerica#Canada and #Australia, three big contributors to the #CO2 World Emissions.
During this COP25, the IMEDD will also focus on the “Monaco Smart Nation Project” and will share many initiatives undertaken in Monaco, that could help the people or the organizations abroad or that could even be duplicated in other countries.
The IMEDD will also raise its voice for:
– the forests to promote a fair and sustainable use of the woods and encourage people to plant trees.
– the waste and litter picking on the beaches to preserve the seas, the oceans and nature.
– the importance of going faster in the Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development plans for the businesses, the public organizations and the cities (renewable energies, sustainable mobility, waste reduction and sorting, water safety, HEQ buildings…).
– the development of natural or marine protected and educative areas.
– the awareness of the world population about climate change, environment and sustainable development and how to pass to a low carbon life.
– the needs of education of the children and the youth to the issues of environment and sustainable development.
– the necessity for all to highly reduce the carbon emissions.
The IMEDD will finally bring at the COP25 the importance of supporting the innovative people committed to environment and sustainable development, in the fields of #exploration#research#federation#information#communication#music#art… Each field has its own contribution to bring to the earth and this is the meaning of the initiative undertaken by the IMEDD at the COP25.