The IMEDD is preparing the UNSDG18-I Conference “Rescue for Future” for the decision leaders

Following the launch of the UNSDG18-I “Rescue For Future” in the early days of December 2019 by the IMEDD during the COP25 in Madrid and the NATO event in London, the IMEDD is preparing the “UNSDG18-I Conference” whose goal is to bring the concerned decision leaders in the light, with a concrete case and a challenge of sustainable development for the future generation.
This conference reaches many disciplines: geography, history, geopolitics, economy, social, environment, energy supply, security, human rights, management of the risks, defense…

This conference will be addressed to three countries, the European Commission and the United Nations. Since the beginning of January 2020, the IMEDD has been working on the release of the “UNSDG18-I Conference”, assembling the whole information so the research can serve the decision leaders.

To make this “UNSDG18-I Conference” possible, the IMEDD has been working since 2016 with many public and private organizations in many countries that supported the IMEDD to build some global testimonies and analysis of a geopolitical situation that has a direct impact on the sustainable development of a region which resonates at a global scale.

The “UNSDG18-I Conference” will be released in the upcoming weeks and it will be directly addressed to the concerned parties to raise their awareness on the importance of reviewing with efficiency some decisions taken by the states in the past that cause many risks of management in terms of sustainable development now and in future.

The sharing of the research led by the IMEDD will be a tool of cross-border public utility able to be used by the concerned parties to drive change. Some more information about the “UNSDG18-I Conference” will be communicated soon.