The IMEDD launches “GAGA SCHOOL”

As part of its commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goalsthe UNSDG18 and in this context of coronavirus crisis at the international scale, in order to help the families to ensure a continuity of education to their children through the online programmes, the IMEDD launches on the 16th of March 2020 GAGA SCHOOL, its online educative platform dedicated to increment the research and educative tools provided by the countries and some organizations specialized in providing educative content to children and families.

GAGA SCHOOL was created by the IMEDD in the late February 2020 with the support of the English speaking community of Italy (then supported by Monaco, France and the U.S.A) during the coronavirus pandemic.
GAGA SCHOOL  is an on-line research and educative center
, following the goal of ensuring a continuity of education to all the children.

GAGA SCHOOL is managed by Radio Gaga World in collaboration with the IMEDD (Research Center in Education for Environment and Sustainable Development), the United Nationsthe governments (Education Department)the U.S Army, the network of the International Schools and Rose, the Princess of the Environment, hoping that in future some other research and educative centers will join.

GAGA SCHOOL is a platform of incrementation of the educative initiatives led by the participating organizations in order to help the families ensure the continuity of education for their children.

The IMEDD invites the governments of the United Nations to share their online educative programmes, so they can be added on GAGA SCHOOL so all the content can be available for the families and children all around the world. On its side, the IMEDD will provide content about environment and sustainable development in the framework of the UNSDG.

The IMEDD proposes GAGA SCHOOL, that’s a fact… But the IMEDD needs the support of the UNSDG18 governments, public decision makers, the teachers, the research and educative centers and the families to spread the word about this initiative in order to ensure the continuity of education to many children, even in this time of crisis.

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** GAGA SCHOOL is hosted by the website Both projects are initiated and managed by the IMEDD.


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