The Italian Youth needs more visibility about the plan to fight against climate change

IMEDD, Research Institute specialized in environment and sustainable development, has been involved for many years in the promotion of sustainable development and environmental preservation at international.

Its founder, Virginie Lelarge, is the perfect example of a voice shared for the earth between Monaco and Italy. The whole story started in Paris in the year 2000 after a master II in business that led her to become a market and opinion executive for a leading research institute company. She worked straight away on international researches in the field of fashion and risks management, including Italy. In 2005, Virginie Lelarge started to work in Monaco to develop researches and communication projects with the goal of supporting the country in the construction of its actions for the sustainable development plan led by H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Princely Government and the Monaco organizations. In Monaco, Virginie Lelarge was also surrounded by the Italians as the Principality has a vivid community of Italian entrepreneurs and employees due to the proximity with Italy (the city of Ventimiglia in the Imperia Province is the nearest). Since then, Virginie Lelarge has developed many projects with Italy in the field of environment, sustainable development, smart city, sustainable mobility, education. She event went to Roma in April 2019 to send the “Roma Call for the Earth”. She carried the Monaco and Italy flags in many cities of Italy. She beautified the Italian geology during her expedition of the earth on the Vesuvius, in Pompei, Herculanum, and the Naples region. She asked support to the whole Italy for a better future, and they said yes! The Italians commit to the earth.

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A few months after all these actions led by IMEDD in Italy, we slowly see a change and it comes from the youth and from the families. It’s a call of the heart to manifest the right to fight against Climate Change and empower Italy to commit more, involving the youth in this project for the country, as the plan for future.

On the other side of the planet, we have the brave Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old young woman, who left Monaco to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Statue of Liberty to go and talk to the United Nations and empower the world to commit to a better future and a plan. On social media, everything is said about Greta’s commitments for the earth. The truth is that Greta is brave, and she truly serves the earth with her heart.

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As a research institute, IMEDD stays neutral and analyses the situation on the positive aspects that serve the earth. Greta Thunberg has succeeded in raising the awareness of millions of young people in the world. At their age, striking is a strong act; it’s about the fight for their rights; it’s about their future and they have the right to ask the world community to explain the perspective that we build today and they have the right to ask the world leaders to do more. We all have the right to ask for more and the louder we ask, the more we see actions being undertaken. That’s a fact we see in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, when putting some sectors under the pressure of the opinion, it forces people to move their positions. Regarding environment and sustainable, advancements are about building a low carbon future because the situation of today is not sustainable.

Last week, we saw a unique event in Italy that passed in the information and no one has given the proper attention to this fact but IMEDD is here to bring it back under the spotlight. We need to know that Italy is a country with more than 2000 years of a very particular history also related to the Ancient Kingdom of France, Monaco and Italy… We all know the story and it would take centuries to explain so if interested, you should refer to Google. However, it happens that in Italy, the public opinion has always been very strong. It’s part of the country culture. People are very talkative, they want to understand things and they fight for their rights. So, when it happens that the fight is about the right for a better environment and for sustainable development, it’s important to bring a supportive leading voice to Italy and give visibility as IMEDD does today.

Indeed, the Italian Youth, on September 26th, decided to go on strike and they were thousands in the streets of the Italian Cities asking for Climate Actions. Below are some of the posts we find about the Italian Climate Strikes.

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It’s the awakening of the youth. They want to be part of the great world community of environment. They want to bring support and raise their voices. They are millions, still at school and they have the planet in mind. They bring their ideas for the earth in their life, in their professional experiences, in their families and in their surroundings. They will teach later their children why we need to sort the waste or why we need to do sustainable mobility. This youth is eager to learn, greedy to bring its own stone to the magnificent earth from their own country.

We hear some people, organizations, or world leaders say that the youth is not aware, that the teenagers should go back to school, they tell the women to go back to their kitchen and children. The world leaders don’t believe enough in women and children as they don’t believe enough in the power of environment to build a better economy and quality of life. The world leaders don’t commit enough to the world youth and women. The world leaders miss a thing that they now need to learn and do.

In a period of 25 years in average, when we train the women, they educate the children in the change and the whole society can evolve.

Women also often drive their families and when they implement new ways of seeing life, they are often followed by their community. Imagine the big change if we can rely on the Italian Community of the world for environment and sustainable development.

The change has been on its way already for years, though some people still remain blind, but what we see in Italy with the youth and their families is a strong sign of empowerment for the world that leads IMEDD to say that the destiny of Italy is about: “Roma Universalis for Environment and Sustainable Development”. With hope, IMEDD will be supported in its already initiated project as a voice of Italy for the earth. May it happen to bring force to the Italian commitment for a better future…