The Monaco Energy Transition Plan at EVER Monaco

News from Monaco Energy Transition

During EVER Monaco, H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, Mrs Gramaglia, Minister for Equipement, Environment and Country Planning, H.E Bernard Fautrier, President of EVER Monaco, Valérie Sbirrazzuoli-Davenet, Director of the Department of the Environment, Eric Sciamanna, Chief of the Public Car parks services, visited the team of the Monaco Energy Transition Plan.

During this occasion, Mrs Annabelle Jaeger-SeydouxDirector of the Monaco Energy Transition Plan presented two initiatives:

  • MONACO ON, the electric card charging stations in the Principality of Monaco.
  • The advancements of the Monaco Energy Transition Plan.

Some conferences were also held during EVER Monaco to explain the content of the Monaco Energy Transition Plan and how it contributes to sustainable mobility and energies.

Since 2005, the Principality of Monaco, following the impulsion of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his government, has set an ambitious policy for the environment and sustainable development, the aim of which is to guarantee a sustainable development based on:

  • a sustainable economic development,
  • a social well-being for the Monaco people, commuters and foreigners,
  • a good quality of life in the Principality,
  • an environmental preservation aimed at protecting biodiversity and nature,
  • combating climate change, in particular by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These actions carried out by Monaco have a national impact (with public organizations, businesses and the population) and a global echo through the presence of the Principality in many international organizations to share and promote Monaco’s initiatives and to encourage other countries to commit to sustainable development, respectful of economic, social and environmental rules. Thus, the Principality of Monaco participates in exchanges and meetings with the United Nations, in particular the United Nations Environment Programme and the Sustainable Development Goals, the prospective being that Monaco becomes the first Smart Nation of Earth.

To achieve this goal, the Monegasque ambition is as follows:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030,
  • become a carbon neutral nation by 2050.

To materialize the Monegasque commitments, the Princely Government launched in January 2018, on the occasion of  a press conference, the National Plan for the Energy Transition of Monaco, made up of a charter of commitments and sectoral action plans for energy transition focusing mainly on mobility, waste and energy.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was the first to commit, sign the Pact and mobilize his country.

The management of the National Plan for Energy Transition has been entrusted by the Sovereign Prince to the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE), with a voluntary process of the companies intended to support the Princely Government to implement the objectives of sustainable development with a view to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The MTE supports the members of the National Energy Transition Plan, carries out regular reviews of their actions, informs and communicates on their various initiatives in order to give them national and international visibility.

The missions of the MTE are the following:

  • implement the management of projects to limit greenhouse gas emissions,
  • develop renewable energies in the Principality,
  • manage the National Green Fund created in 2016, to bring to the Principality the financial tools for a long-term action to make its energy transition a success.

This plan applies to the three main fields:

  • sustainable mobility,
  • energy (sustainable buildings, the solar plan, the development of thalassothermal energy),
  • waste (reduction, reuse, recycling).

Training and awareness are also part of the levers used by the Princely Government to support and promote Monaco’s energy transition plan and achieve the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

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