The power of research and information – crisis of covid19

Since the beginning of this world crisis of covid19, many people have used the social media to search information about the disease, to follow the rules provided by the governments, share experiences, opinions or feelings and spread love with music, art and culture. This period is unique because the social relationships don’t exist as we used to know them (face to face) and everybody needs to be socially inventive and creative to keep having relations with the loved ones through social media.

As a research institute specialized in sustainable development (so social), the IMEDD sees that a global human strenght rises from the social media and it will certainly lead to a better future, due to a better understanding of the issues.

We need to know that both the environment and health are related.
In the past, in 2005, the IMEDD had the opportunity to be part of a preparation process for public health and environmental issues, doing researches, designing a framework of public response and structuring the information plans. The IMEDD also worked back in the year 2001 on a crisis issue for the air transport and insurance sector, designing the framework of commitments, information and communication plans.

Those experiences had led the IMEDD to understand what is a crisis and how the role of a research institute is important for many organizations, both public and private. This is the reason why the IMEDD has never stopped working nor doing research/information since the beginning of the covid19’s crisis, studying first the data/experiences of China, then of Italy, Monaco, the U.SA, France, etc…

The researches of the IMEDD followed a guideline related to the different phases of the crisis:

  1. The anticipation of the crisis: January – 23rd of February 2020
    The IMEDD started following the early data of China for covid19 on the 23rd of January.
  2. The entrance in crisis in Italy (most generally Europe): 23rd of February 20200000
    The IMEDD started analyzing the Italian experience due to covid19 and started to largely spread information, the goal was informing at international of the situation of Italy, so the other countries and people could prepare to be struck by the epidemy.
    On the 13th of March, the IMEDD had published a list of countries that would soon enter the red zone, in terms of number of cases.
  3. The red alert for the growth of the disease in Italy: 17th of March 2020
    The IMEDD launched a red alert to the Italian authorities to inform them about the upcoming explosion of cases.

We are now the 7th of April 2020.
Italy is still in crisis, though the situation, seems to improve a little bit due to all the efforts and commitments of all. However, other countries show a very alarming situation, like the U.S.A, hardly struck by the coronavirus.

For a few weeks, we have passed in another phase of the crisis, the needs of supply for necessity (food), health (mostly the masks and the medical blouses/equipments) and education.
The IMEDD has also entered this phase of research and information to help the design of sustainable and regional relationships to help manage this crisis, the whole in a framework of sustainable development (economic, social and environment).

Below is the map of the countries reached by the IMEDD since it started informing on the crisis. We clearly see that the major part of the world was reached.
The IMEDD was able to reach mostly the entire earth in 50 days. It shows the power of the social media. It also shows that the UNSDG18 launched by the IMEDD during the COP25 in Madrid works well, in its operational side of research and information with a context of crisis never seen by all.

The truth is that, as the IMEDD works for sustainable development, the only goal followed since the very first beginning is the spreading of information.
This map shows that Research and Information are needed.
The more people are informed, the more lives are saved.


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