The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation at the heart of major ocean issues

Press release: Monaco’s governement

Since its creation in 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has been committed to working in the fields of climate change, biodiversity and water. Last June, Christiana Figueres, former President of the UNFCCC, receiving the Special Prize of the Foundation from the Sovereign Prince’s Hands, underlined: “Your Foundation’s strength has been to show how interdependent the fields of climate change, biodiversity and water are, and that only an integrated approach is effective.”

In the field of the Ocean and Climate, it is on acidification issues that Monaco and the Foundation have been pioneers. Alerted in particular by the work of the Scientific Centre of Monaco, in 2008 the Sovereign Prince supported the Monaco Declaration on ocean acidification, signed by 155 scientists from 26 countries.

The development of solid scientific bases, the search for concrete solutions, and awarenessraising are the pillars of the Foundation’s action, which works in a “science to policy” logic, considering that any political action must be conducted on solid scientific foundations.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation regularly supports research programmes on such crucial topics as acidification, ocean topicalization, climate history, the role of ocean plankton in the carbon cycle, the effects of climate change on marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean or in the Arctic as well as a better understanding of the role of Marine Protected Areas as a tool for adaptation and mitigation. The Foundation’s commitment to the theme of acidification is very strong, particularly thanks to the creation of the Monegasque Association for the Acidification of the Oceans – AMAO.

Working globally to protect our Planet

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco decided in June 2006 to create His Foundation in order to respond to the alarming environmental threats facing our Planet. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. Operating on an international scale, the Foundation mobilises citizens, political leaders, scientists and economic actors to promote the protection of nature, a shared heritage of humanity. Since its creation, the Foundation has supported 477 projects around the world for a total amount of 55 million euros.

The Foundation’s missions are

  • Establish partnerships to carry out projects and take concrete actions in its priority areas of action;
  • Raise awareness among populations and public authorities of the impact of human activities on natural environments and encourage more eco-friendly behaviour;
  • Promote and encourage outstanding initiatives and innovative solutions, in particular by awarding prizes and scholarships.

Three priority areas of action

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation concentrates its missions in three main geographical areas: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions, and the Least Developed Countries (according to the United Nations list) which are heavily impacted by the effects of climate change, biodiversity loss and threats to water resources.

Major programmes of action

The Foundation’s actions focus on three main areas: mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting renewable energies, preserving biodiversity, managing water resources and combating desertification. Programmes of action have been defined:

  • Knowledge of biodiversity
  • Conservation of endangered species
  • Development of marine protected areas
  • Study of climate change and its consequences
  • Development of energy efficiency and renewable energies
  • Ocean acidification
  • Fight against deforestation
  • Integrated management and access to water resources.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has 10 representative offices abroad: France, Spain, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Singapore and China.