UNSDG18-I Conference: the risks of water submersion and waste issues between France and Italy


As part of its commitments to support the United Nations in its policies to fight against climate change and better preserve the people and the environment, the IMEDD, research institute specialized in environment and sustainable development, worked on the film making of a conference called : “The UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future”.

This conference is based on a true story and some environmental events that regularly occur on the Mediterranean Sea at the French and Italian border that concern the issues of the fight against climate change, the sea and water level rise and their impacts on social and economy.
This conference aims to raise the awareness of the local, regional, national and international public leaders about the importance of uniting to take action to fight against climate change. The example shown in the “UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future” is perfect to demonstrate how some region environmental events can have very serious repercussions at global scale, in terms of sustainable tourism, economic growth, social well-being, environmental preservation, health, security…

The truth must be told.
If nothing is globally undertaken to save this border region from sea and water submersion, this land will soon be flooded and will not be livable anymore unless some big collaborative initiatives are undertaken in many fields of actions, following the goal of a sustainable development able to resist to the effects of climate change.

The “UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future” exists to show the facts, the risks and the needs for future.
This on-line conference (composed of many episodes not published yet) advocates for a global risks management of the region implementing transborder environmental strategies for the rescue and the development of the territories, while educating the populations of the region also bringing them security, counting on innovative people and organizations mostly based on the new technologies and on-line economies (considering that their environmental impacts can be more easily mastered than the industrial impacts).

The “UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future” will provide an easy framework of collaborative solutions in order to help the fight against climate change and the risks of submerstion in the region.


The “UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future” is composed of several videos.
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The “UNSDG18 Conference: Rescue for Future”


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