History of the UNSDG18

Since the commemorations of the DDAY75 in June 2019 on the Normandy Beaches, some Royal Women and First Ladies asked the IMEDD to help them design a “Royal Women and First Ladies’ Commitment for Future” suitable with the United Nations that takes into account the following ideas: the nations, the women, the children, the environment, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change. The goal followed by the Royal Women and the First Ladies is to accelerate the transmission of the “green values for the earth” to the women and future generations worldwide, so they can prepare well their children to face the environmental and the climate change issues.
Another goal followed by the “Royal Women and First Ladies” is to empower the World Leaders (the head of states: the kings, the princes, the presidents or the prime ministers) to commit more to the earth.

The long and winding road to the United Nations in Geneva

To reach their goals and promote the UNSDG18, some of the Royal Women went to the United Human Rights Office in Geneva on the 7th of December 2019, to present their requests and launch the UNSDG18, the 18th point of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Plan, whose goal is to bring together, the people and the nations, around the ideas of “peace, love and a sustainable future on earth”.

The management of the UNSDG18 is entrusted by the countries to the IMEDD (independent and neutral research, information and communication institute specialized in environment and sustainable development). The IMEDD was charged during the COP25 in Madrid to discuss the opportunity of the initiative “UNSDG18” with the concerned countries.
The IMEDD uses its Facebook page (@IMEDDResearch) to share information about the advancements of the UNSDG18.

The list of the countries (UNSDG18)

The official release of the UNSDG18 was made in Monaco with the 5 first states members

The UNSDG18 was released in Monaco on the 5th of December 2019 in the framework of the DDAY for the Earth led by the IMEDD with the Royal Women and the First Ladies of the 5 first states eligible members to the UNSDG18: the United Kingdom, Monaco, France, the United States of America and Canada.
Since that day, some other countries joined the initiative. On the 14th of December 2019, at the end of the COP25 in Madrid, 16 countries at total were eligible to the UNSDG18.

The initiatives of the UNSDG18

Here are the initiatives that undertaken in the framework of the UNSDG18 to empower the populations and the nations to commit to environment, sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the future generations. Each country can freely commit to any point of the UNSDG18 and can adapt it to its needs, the goal being to take action and provide clarity and visibility, through the UNSDG18.
The IMEDD is the UNSDG18 platform for the countries to support them with research, information and communication services to reach the UNSDG goals.

The lines of the UNSDG18

  • Freedom
  • Innovative people and initiatives
  • Environmental preservation and valorization
  • Education of the future generations
  • Security and well-being