What is Rainbow Trees for Future?

“Rainbow Trees For Future” aims to empower people and nations for the trees and the forests around five initiatives:

  1. The tree planting and the education of the youth to the eco-system of the forests.
  2. The responsible consumption of the products from the forests (paper, furniture, wood): public organizations, businesses and people: using certified products (FSC or PEFC)
  3. The preservation of the biodiversity and the forests: education of the youth and support for awareness initiatives on biodiversity
  4. The beautification of the trees (light show)
  5. Art, music and trees

1- Tree Planting Initiatives and education of the youth

“Rainbow Trees For Future” encourages and helps the tree planting as a tool to fight against climate change, mostly by informing, federating people and supporting events related to reforestation. Green Diplomacy initiatives are also led to empower the World Leaders to commit more to the fight against climate change by accelerating the plans of reforestation in some parts of the world.

2- The responsible consumption of the products of the forests

“Rainbow Trees For Future” encourages the public organizations, the businesses and the people to the preservation of the forests by promoting the use of certified products FSC or PEFC that attest the sustainable management of the industries related to the trees. Thanks to the “International Charter of Commitments on Wood Products” initiated in Monaco (paper, furniture and wood products), the public organizations and the businesses can integrate the fight against the deforestation in their Sustainability Plans (Corporate Social Responsibility), implement internal and external measures that allow them to ensure the origin, the traceability of the products, have a better waste management. They can also reduce their carbon footprint by selecting close providers.

3- The preservation of the biodiversity and the forests

“Rainbow Trees For Future” aims to make people and nations discover and protect some endangered species. This initiative is led in relation with the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

Over half of Europe’s endemic trees face extinction
European Red List of Trees

Trees are targeted to be protected by the UNSDG18:

Three species of animals are targeted to be protected by the UNSDG18:

4- The beautification of the trees

“Rainbow Trees For Future” aims to empower the grandmothersmothers, the children, their villages and their cities to light the trees (Christmas trees, olive trees…) with some rainbow lights. The goal indeed is to make visible the colors of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the trees.

Seven steps can be followed:

  1. the tree are used as a tool of people’s empowerment to make the colors of the UNSDG shine (environment, sustainable development, future generations).
  2. the lights can be used in individual colors or all together as a rainbow, though, the lights must be leds. The best is to provide the lights in electricity that come from the renewable energies (solar as an example).
  3. the families are placed at the center of the tree light shows: by posting their own light trees on social media or by being associated in their village or in their city to the illumination of the trees.
  4. the music and some appropriate dance shows are placed at the right center of the trees light shows events in the villages or cities with federating songs to empower people and children (adapted to the period of the events). Here is an example that occured in Monaco on the 17th of December 2019 on the occasion of the International Day of the Lady in Red:
  5. the cities and the countries commit to trees and sustainable energy for the lighting of the trees.
  6. the cities and the countries promote the illumination of the trees through the UN, Countries and Cities media tools. The main goal of this initiative corresponds to the idea of the Smart City concept that consists in placing the people at the right center of the city/country.
  7. two common hashtags are used by all:  #RainbowTreesForFuture and #UNWomenLightTreeShow.
  8. a rainbow code on social media for “Rainbow Trees For Future”

5- Art, Music and Trees

“Rainbow Trees For Future” aims to bring art and music closer to the trees to raise people’s awareness. Art beautifies and shows the reality of the trees…