Presentation of the UNSDG18-I: “Rescue for Future”

“Rescue for Future” is a research and information project led by the IMEDD in the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the UNSDG18-I, to help a land with the management of an environmental crisis due to a terrible natural catastrophe.
The goal is to raise people’s awareness and send calls for rescue to the entire population and the public organizations of the devasted areas and at international, in order to bring support and help the cleaning and rebuilding.

This initiative “Rescue for Future” was undertaken in 2019 in joint collaboration by:

  • The IMEDD (project’s holder)
  • The Expedition of the Planet led by Rose, the Princess of the Environment
  • The European Commission
  • The United Nations, the UN Environment Programme and the UN Women

Some public organizations are associated in “Rescue for future”:

  • the city
  • the department or province or state
  • the region
  • the government
  • the first response rescuers
  • if in Europe, the European Commission.

Depending on the natural catastrophe, “Rescue for Future” brings support by spreading information based on research following the goal of providing a neutral analysis on the event. The IMEDD federates the international and local organizations, and gives alerts, ideas or advices to the rescuers and decision-makers on how to organize an efficient response.

Rescue for Future in Ventimiglia (Italy) started in 2019

2019: “beach cleaning following the two tsunamis of woods caused by the Roya and Nervia Rivers – 22/12/2019” => read here

2020: International Conference: “Building a sustainable future while fighting against climate change: sustainable economy, social well-being, management of the environmental risks and security for people and organizations” (UNSDG18-I Conference).

Re-activation of the crisis communication initiative, “Rescue for Future” in Ventimiglia (Italy), following storm Alex in October 2020 when the story repeated…

2020: Monitoring of the Rivers Nervia and Roya at 6 pm the 2nd of October 2020, before the flood and tsunamis in the Roya river

2020: The water system and the border – the origins of the flood beside Storm Alex

2020: Assessment and origins of the damages in Ventimiglia on the Roya River due to Storm Alex on the 2nd of October 2020.

2020: Creation of a beach cleaning station in Ventimiglia to empower the population and the city to start the cleaning of the beach. In this video, we see the first opening of a trench in the Ventimiglia’s tsunami of wood.

2020: First assessment on the treatment of the waste following the tsunami of wood caused by the Roya river and the Mediterranean sea.

2020: The role of the Prefet in charge of Ventimiglia

2020: Creation of “Bio Logika and Water Submersion” to educate the children to the risks and effects of river and sea submersion in Ventimiglia and at international.

2020: The role of the Italian State in Ventimiglia

2020: Puliamo Ventimiglia: beach cleaning event with the Ventimiglia’s population.
The arrival of Caterpillar in Ventimiglia. 

2020: The availability of the Italian and U.S Army based in Italy for a first response for environmental crisis 

2020: The anthem of Rescue for future in Ventimiglia: “Baby you can drive my car”

2020: The Ventimiglia’s month for Waste Reduction 


2020: Presentation of the “Ventimiglia’s month for Waste Reduction” at the European Week for Waste Reduction (European Commission).

To discover the initiative, click here: https://ewwr.eu/actions/unsdg18-i-rescue-for-future-crisis-management-in-ventimiglia-italy-following-the-tsunamis-of-wood-and-mud-during-storm-alex-in-october-2020/

2020: Second assessment on the treatment of the waste following the tsunami of wood caused by the Roya river and the Mediterranean sea in Ventimiglia.

2020: Caterpillar opens a road in the tsunami of wood on the Ventimiglia’s beach.

2020: Water and Energy System in the Valley of the Roya (Italy) – part 1

2020: Water and Energy System in the Valley of the Roya (France) – the issue of the border between France and Italy – part 2

2020: The dam of the Mesches on the Roya River

2020: The lakes in the mountains above the Roya River

2020: The risks and environmental impacts of having a hydraulic power plant with a lake dam in the mountains entete

2020: Ventimiglia and the Roya Valley fight against the effects of climate change

2020: The sea boulder’s barrier arrived on the Ventimiglia’s Beach

2020: Origins of the waste found on the Ventimiglia’s Beach

2020: The situation of the small harbors in Ventimiglia

2020: Assessment of the wood waste on the beach of Ventimiglia

2020: Hell week for the Navy Seals on the Ventimiglia’s beach

2020: Ventimiglia’s crocodile rock: music and art for future

2020: Positive music for the future of the Roya

2020: Reusing the wood of the beach left by the flood to heat the houses

2020: Work in progress in Ventimiglia with the CAT trucks

2020: Disappearance of the IMEDD’s cleaning station on the beach

2020: CO2 impacts of the repair work following the Roya’s catastrophe

2020: Caterpillar builds a bridge of stone to reach the debris of the Ventimiglia’s bridge which collapsed during Storm Alex

2020: Fast work of evacuation of the traces of the flood by Caterpillar

2020: Building a stone bridge to reach the debris

2020: Team work on the Roya river to reach the debris

2020: The mountains of waste collected by the CAT trucks

2020: The Roya is now shared between people, trucks and nature

2020: A full stone bridge installed on the Roya River

2020: The CATS trucks now dig in the Ventimiglia’s mud

2020: Quality, security, environment, diversity for the Roya and its surroundings

2020: The CAT trucks destroy the ancient bridge

2020: The debris of the ancient bridge in Ventimiglia

2020: The CAT trucks take possession of the territory of Ventimiglia

2020: Posidonia fields on the Ventimiglia’s beach