Goal: helping the acceleration of the energy transition

“Renewable Energies For Future” aims to accelerate the energy transition:

  • by encouraging the countries to help the energy transition mostly by providing incentives (public organizations, businesses, people)
  • by promoting the different solutions related to renewable energy (solar, wind, heat of the ground, sea, wood)
  • by using alternative energies to replace coal, oil and gaz

Limiting the dependency to fossil fuels

To reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals and successfully decrease their CO2 emissions, the countries, the cities, the public organizations, the businesses, the people must reduce their dependency to fossil fuels (coal, oil and gaz) and replace them by renewable energies. To limit the dependency to fossil fuels, some measures of investments must be taken in the upcoming years in favor of the renewable or alternative energies (nuclear).

Reducing the CO2 emissions

The target for the countries and the cities for the year 2050 is to be Carbon Neutral and show significant actions of improvements, mostly in the fields of energy and transports.

Reporting on the energy mix

The countries and the cities must provide information regarding their energy mix.