Presentation of the UNSDG18-G: “Less Waste for Future”

For years, the European Commission has empowered the countries of Europe to participate in a global event each year from November 21 to November 29, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), with the organization of national and local events by individuals, schools, universities, businesses, public organisations with the goal of raising our voices and take action in the fight against waste.

Around the idea of the 3R, reduce, reuse and recycle, the goal of the EWWR is to raise awareness, encourage the youth to participate and give visibility to innovative people and projects committed to the management of waste.

Already, some countries outside Europe take part in this challenge to reduce the quantity of waste and help a better sorting. Though, not all the countries of the world participate.

The UNSDG18 G – Less Waste for Future follows the goal of empowering the United Nations, the UN Women, the UN Environment Programme, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Commission to work together in order to spread the word about the interest of the EWWR which could become the World Week for Waste Reduction (WWWR) whose goal would be both:

  • encouraging a bigger participation of the countries outside Europe
  • supporting the women’s green entrepreneurship on waste reduction

Bringing the EWWR at world scale also goes in the way of the Paris Accords on Climate Change, as the treatments of waste strongly contributes to the level of CO2 emissions. Acting on waste is therefore acting on CO2.

The EWWR also occurs during the week of the International Day to fight against Violence made on Women and promote gender equality. It would make sense to join both events to make a bigger noise on how to make the earth a better place thanks to great women who orange the world in green.

Italy, France, Monaco: the leading voices

Italy, France and Monaco are the leading countries of the EWWR.
With their networks, embassies, international businesses and public organizations present abroad, they can all help the development of the World Week for Waste Reduction (WWWR), while promoting the women and strenghtening their commitments to fight against climatechange.

The U.S.A must become “First” for the waste to low their CO2 emissions

The U.S.A can help bring force too considering that 14% of the total world waste are produced in the USA (Source UBS: “future of waste” – World Bank 2018. The research was published in Monaco during the EWWR2020 in the framework of the Monaco Economic Board), meaning that there is a lot to do to empower the Americans and the U.S businesses and administrations to take part in this global challenge for a better future.

The waste are a global visible issue for everyone and also a good tool to show how to concretly create a better environmental preservation.

All together, we can orange the world in green!

The UNSDG18-G – Less Waste for Future works with the UNSDG-F – Women for the Earth, which is about “oranging the world in green”.