Sharing some pieces of the history of the World War II

The UNSDG18-M is about sharing with the future generations some very important moments of the history that sealed the world around a common destiny.

The World War II has been chosen as the main event that would be presented first to help the new generation consolidate its knowledge in history, understand the formation of the Europe that they know, pay tribute to the soldiers who fought during the war and to all the victims, and understand the importance of building peace around a common goal: the well-being of the next generation.

Thanks to researches, documentaries, events, storytelling…, the UNSDG18-M supports the common world duty of memory to all the victims of the World War II.

The organizations involved in the conservation of the memory of this event may contact the IMEDD for any enquiries to promote an initiative that serves the Duty of Memory of the World War II.