IMEDD will consolidate the Monaco-Germany relationships about sustainable development and music

IMEDD is an independent research institute specialized about environment and sustainable development in Monaco and at International. Mostly IMEDD is known for its missions for public organizations and businesses to help them design researches (satisfaction, innovation, CO2 monitoring), implement Corporate Social Responsibility and communicate with their shareholders and audiences at international. IMEDD is mostly specialized in the field of sustainable mobility, renewable energy, technologies, smart cities, technologies, education and environmental awareness (culture, heritage, art and music).  IMEDD always seeks to build collaborations and partnerships in Monaco and International with organizations which are first, committed to CSR policies and second, concerned by the sectors of activity of IMEDD. The last ten years of experiences of IMEDD with The Grimaldi Forum Monaco (the Monaco Congress and Events Center committed to CSR since 2008) showed that this type of organizations presents a positive interest for IMEDD’s awareness projects as they work with event’s organizers and many businesses.

It happens that in Germany, we find Messe Frankfurt which “is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organizer with its own exhibition grounds with over 2,500 employees at 30 locations. Thanks to its far-reaching ties with the relevant sectors and to its international sales network, the Group looks after the business interests of its customers effectively. A comprehensive range of services – both onsite and online – ensures that customers worldwide enjoy consistently high quality and flexibility when planning, organizing and running their events. With its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, the company is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent)”.

As a research institute specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility and Smart City, IMEDD is interested by the development strategy of Messe Frankfurt regarding sustainable development, especially because this event organizer faces many CSR issues and works with many worldwide businesses and then it is an organization able to empower its shareholders with the values of environment and sustainable development.

Here are the CSR commitments of Messe Frankfurt mentioned on their website: “Messe Frankfurt’s declared goal is to shape the future of the company responsibly. We are continuing to expand on our well-established CSR activities, initiating new developments wherever it makes sense to do so. Our aim is to take an increasingly value-oriented approach – for our customers, for our shareholders, for society in general and, of course, for our workforce. Ethical principles, fairness, legal compliance and voluntary commitments serve as a guide to our successful business activities. Guidelines and best practices are the cornerstones of our compliance management work. Compliance is part of our Code of Conduct. Partnerships are important to us in our worldwide events and in our CSR activities. We have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2010”.

Here we can find the last CSR report from Messe Frankfurt:

In this context, IMEDD is delighted to announce that we received a media accreditation for the event organized by Messe Frankfurt, Musikmesse.

This media collaboration is about three issues:

  • First, with IMEDD: As the global event organizer Messe Frankfurt is mostly the city of Frankfurt. It then makes sense, that IMEDD, as a Smart City expert at international, supports this initiative. It will give the opportunity for IMEDD to present the Frankfurt’s smart city policy, as well as the transportation plan for the event. It is also the opportunity to make enter in the LIM project (Ladies in Mobility), the city of Frankfurt. They will join the LIM Smart City Network beside Monaco, Bristol, Dublin, Nice, Norfolk, Milan, Roma, Paris… And it will be an opportunity to present the way we do sustainable transports in Germany. All communications about the Smart City project in Frankfurt will be published on

  • Second, still with IMEDD: it will be an opportunity to discover the Messe Frankfurt’s commitments for sustainable development and share initiatives about green events, sustainable development, music and art. All communications about Messe Frankfurt will be published on

  • Third, with the project “Rose, The Princess of The Environment”: IMEDD is the project holder of all initiatives undertaken in the framework of “Rose, The Princess of The Environment” and the musical and creative writing tale for the earth “Moonlight Serenade”. Rose, The Princess of The Environment is the media contact for Musikmesse, representing Monaco at International regarding music and art affairs. The website will then communicate about Musikmesse in its posts. It is about an international tradeshow, music instruments, technologies, musical workshops, concerts and many other events and opportunities.

IMEDD is very delighted of this positive collaboration which joins both environment and music. It is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships between Monaco and Germany, because in the field of sustainable development solutions, especially in the EV car industry and cycling industry, we, in Monaco work with some German organizations, so it is an opportunity now to consolidate the Monaco-Germany relationships about smart city and music.

All communications provided by IMEDD will be done in English.