International Event about Energy Transition in Monaco

In a couple of days, on June 26-27, 2018, the Principality of Monaco will host an international event about CleanTech innovations (mostly renewable energies, sustainable mobility, ICT and smart city). «Transition – Monaco Forum» is an annual platform of Cleantech experts aiming to be the premier global platform to accelerate the transition to Cleantech across all sectors.

All around the world, we hear about Energy Transition and many people, businesses and public organizations search to implement new solutions helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. As an example, the Principallity of Monaco has now been committed for several years in a «Climate Plan» whose aim is to reduce the consumption of energy with an ambitious goal of being Carbon Neutral by the year 2050. Since the year 2005, many successful initiatives have been undertaken in Monaco; the use of solar and hydraulic energy, the implementation of sustainable and electric mobility (Monaco has the highest rate of equipement in electric car when we compare to the size of population), the waste which can’t be sorted or recycled provide heat and hot water to many buildings…
A few months ago, a global project was launched by Monaco’s Governement which aims to empower people and businesses to commit to energy transition. A website has been created ( which informs about all provided incentives for the use of renewable energies and electric mobility in the Principality. The global goal of the initiative is «to improve the energy efficiency in Monaco and promote the use of renewable energies in order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the Principality» says Mrs Gramaglia, Government Councillor, Minister for Equipment, Environment and City Planning.

More generally speaking, if we think about the issue of Climate Change at global scale, some actions can be undertaken to limit the effects of human activities, mostly in the field of energy, transport, waste, water, technologies and smart city. And Clean Tech innovations can help states and businesses to reduce their emissions. Indeed, a recent research from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, an American based agency, presented the world index of greenhouse gases in 2017. The data show an increase of gases, mostly CO2, meaning that at a global scale, the world is not doing enough yet, to reduce its emissions. Of course, the fight against Climate Change must be understood on a long-time scale, however, the sooner and the stronger countries and businesses commit, the faster we can expect to see the first results.

Next week, during the event «Transition – Monaco Forum», many experts will discuss the issue, some solutions that are already efficient will be presented too. Indeed, one of the goal of this event is to be a leading voice at international regarding Energy Transition, in order to convince more organizations to commit and invest in these solutions.

Virginie Lelarge, IMEDD’s founder in Monaco will attend «Transition – Monaco Forum» with the aim of sharing the world leaders debates. She will be assisted by Sabeha Dellouci. To follow this event with IMEDD, you can connect to our Twitter @IMEDDMonaco.

For more information about Transition – Monaco Forum: visit their website: